Era's of Etheos

First Era

“The march against the gods in the First Era”

The first Era saw the creation of The Prime Races, Weapon races, fall of the gods
and the Unification of The Old Kingdom

Races of the First Era
Kingdoms of the First Era
Gods of the first Era
Heroes of the First Era

second Era

“The reconstruction of the tower of Em-Bi”

The second Era saw the Branching out of New Kingdoms and Empires
and the creation of new races and wars

Races of the Second Era
Kingdoms of the Second Era
Heroes of the Second Era]

Third Era

“The Final battle against Henjia”

The Third Era saw the return and final down fall of Henjia and The Ghost legions but the rise of many new beasts

Fourth Era

“The Executions at Sarthar Fields”

The Fourth Era saw the rising of the Unity an all Human Sect That bring about the End of all other species and gods

Fifth Era

“The HI-Navan Colony Fleet”

The Fifth Era saw The 20,000,000 Human expansion across the galaxy

Sixth Era

“The Destruction of Humanities Operium Capital Fleet”

The Sixth Era saw the creation of the Enchi and the extinction of Humanity

Seventh Era

“The Vo-Cani Cannon That is responsible for the ending of the Universe”

The seventh Era saw the creation of the He-Cless as the Successor’s of the Enchi and the Destruction of the universe


“The He-Cless Epirim and his surviving Comrades”

The Eighth Era saw the destruction of the Universe and the survival of a few He-cless Scattered across time and space

Era's of Etheos

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