Elves of the First Era


Elves arrive a lot later on Etheos around 3,400 B1stGF the gods create them as their champions to wipe out the humans and Dwarves they are however defeated subjugated and then freed after 700 years



Elves are made using the magic of the moon and the Wood of the Fair woods they are a graceful and proud race they have thin nimble bodies that are well built as well as having a larger and more acute range of scenes and connection to the forest the yare often born with markings on and around their faces, chest’s, arms and legs these markings often tell the story of their ancestors and their future though few can actually interoperate them


The Elves of the First Era don’t establish any kingdoms in fact they live in small groups all through out the Fair-woods before they are driven out in 700 B1stGF and spread out between the different realms of the old Kingdom


The Elves have extremely good archers which they train from a young age in wilderness survival and different forms of combat their infantry consists of several different units fighting in rank and then bursting out they are best suited for woodland and jungle warfare there cavalry consist of two riders per Dehnear.

Elves of the First Era

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