Dwarves of the First Era


Dwarves where created by the gods due to the humans no longer worshipping them and they longed for worship as all gods do so they created the Dwarves out of the mountain in 4,500 B1stGF


Dwarves don’t tend to be tall in the First Era the tallest recorded Dwarf was 6ft and he was considered extremely tall amongst dwarves they have very dense bone and muscle structure as well as a natural immunity to most poisons and paralysing magic’s



Apart from the war with the Humans in the early days of the First Era the dwarves never cared much for having their own country so instead they live side by side with the Humans In Aloria and it is considered odd for a dwarf to live anywhere else


The Dwarf’s Field a Variety of Heavy infantry and archers but don’t have any cavalry (due to their sheer weight) and have no need for a navy of any Kind

Dwarves of the First Era

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