Aracnidian of the First Era


the Aracnidian are a racer of Insectoid beasts that where created to form part of the Weapon races these beasts range in size from the stander’d 6ft to the extreme of over 50ft they are also found in most environments however the lush thick woodland and jungles of Etheos are their Preferred location




Aracnidian’s vary massively from polar Siferlay, Aquatic Neravors and Flying Kavors because of this they are not all biologically the same however their are a few characteristics that remain the same due to their insectoid colonies they live in a hive structure the structures vary but the main infer structure remains the same


The Aracnidian don’t have a military instead the entire colony is well suited to war and blood shed, each colony are controlled by their queen who is more or less in charge of everything that goes on within the Hive

Aracnidian of the First Era

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