The history of everything


this is the account of the history of the people of Etheos.

BGF 15,000

-The rift opens from Sacrium and out of it come the Three Enchi
-They appoint their Captains to create what they have envisioned

BGF 14,480

-The construction of Etheos is complete
-The mass migration of the He-Cless from Sacrium begins

BGF 13.990

-Venera is Named Capital of Etheos
-He-Cless flourish and enjoy 6,000 years of prosperity

BGF 13.990

-Civil war brakes out on Etheos between the Vo-cani and the Hi-Nova
-the once vibrant colonies on the Twin continence are laid to waste destroying a third of the He-Cless population

BGF 13.983

-the loyalist Hi-Novi defeat the Vo-cani ending the civil war
-Epirim is decorated a hero of the Hi-Nova

BGF 13.920

-the He-Cless begin the Auxiliaris Project
-17,000 new genetic blue prints are created

BGF 13.900

-the Twin continence are populated by 2,000 experimental species
-the Homo-He-Cless Genetic template is passed for engineering

BGF 13.890

-the first successful Homo-He-Cless is engineered
-the Elvi-He-Cless genetic template is passed for engineering
-the dwav-He-Cless genetic template is passed for engineering

BGF 13.800

-the first successful Homo-He-Cless observation colonies are founded
-the first successful Elvi-He-Cless observation colonies are founded
-the first successful dwav-He-Cless observation colonies are founded

BGF 13.790

-the observation colonies begin to war against each other

BGF 13.788

-the observation colonies are wiped out by the He-Cless Scientists

BGF 13.750

-the second Etheonian Civil war begins

BGF 13.730

-the new Vo-Cani Confederacy begin destroying Etheos with nuclear radiant devises

BGF 13.700

-Etheos is bathed in nuclear fallout
-the He-Nova return to Sancrium
-Future Epirum appears and safe guards the He-Nova technology and test subjects

BGF 9.600

-Epirum deems the Planet suitable to be inhabited again by life forms
-Epirum re disperses Geno-Seeds

BGF 9.550

-Etheos has a thriving echo-system
-Epirum begins the recreation of Basic races

BGF 9.300

-Mana Ice begins to form in the northern reaches of Aloria

The history of everything

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